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His Words

His words have me wanting him,

Needing him to be near,

I want to touch him in the same way he has touched me,

When he speaks my world stops,

The tone in his voice has my body moving to his beat,

I want him,

I need him,

Does he even understand?

The way he got feeling,

No other man can say he had me feeling this way,

Would you believe we haven’t even met?

My body wants him,

My mind needs him,

To challenge my inner wants and needs,


I crave him……

his words.

I don’t know when I wrote this. I know it was after 2009…… hope you guys enjoy.

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Our Melody

The melody in my heart beats to the tune of your heart, but who are you? the beat doesn’t sound familiar, tell me why? is if fate? where did this strange melody come from? pump, pump, to the tune in your heart, are we soulmates? but where are you? I know you’re out there, I can feel it in my soul, this feeling makes me weak, this melody, my melody, your melody, our melody, will you know it’s me when you see me? we will meet, are you looking for me? have we already met? if so, why didn’t we notice? our melody, the melody in my heart, the melody in your heart, it’s like a burning desire that will never go away, it’s like food you want, but for some reason can’t have it, I love this melody, our melody, it belongs to us, and no one else, so until I hear your tune, my melody will keep going on and on, and on and on.

Wrote this Jan, 15, 2001

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Off The Top

I crave your attention,

Not to mention your fine as hell,

Given the chance I’d devour you,

Conquer you,

Then make you mine,

We can sit and play games,

But I’d rather you make me cream and scream,

We can play this word game all day,

That only heighten the attraction,

But I’d love to see your reaction when I take ya soul,

Keep playing,

I’m not bullshittin’ cuz once the opportunity knocks,

I’ll answer. 

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I’mma Need You To Speak Up

**Wrote this on June 22, 2010.**

I’mma need you to speak up and tell me what you want from me,

You got me so comfortable with being around you yet I’m lost in transaltion,

Your actions speak one language,

While your words speak another,

Too many mixed signals,

I’mma need you to speak up and tell me what you want from me,

Cuz you want me to only want you,

But you want me, her and that girl who lives a little bit closer to you,

In there lies the problem,

No committment,

Feelings are bound to get hurt,

I’mma need you to speak up and tell me what you want from me,

Becuz while you being silent I’m pulling away,

I can’t sit here and play this game,

I’m too old and too cute to settle for someone like you,

So fuck you speaking up,

I’m speaking up…

And I refuse to settle for less…

Becuz I deserve the best!