Day 11: Family

My Family out at the circus, we had fun though!

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Day 10: Something Cozy

These slippers feel heavenly!! 😍😍😍

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Day 9: Envelope

Don’t know where this was supposed to go but hey lol….

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Day 8: Something Your Reading


I decided to get his book because I love his show, and I respect his opinions on how things are done. I have posted quite a few clip of him on my social media as well as my blog. I wanted to read his story, because from what I have heard up until now has been very interesting and so far so good.

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Day 7: Shopping



I’m in online shopper, especially when it comes to Christmas. I’m always looking for deals and steals. I’m great at comparing prices as well. I only shop secure sites, and I only shop on secure connects. If I have to go to a store, its for little stuff. I’m almost done shopping for my love ones. I have friends who will allow me to shipping things to their house since I live in a not so great neighborhood.

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Day 6: Christmas Lights


Part 2 of the winter wonderland background…. the lights!!


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