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Relationship Talk: The Podcast

This episode we talked about relationships. We would like for you guys to answer these 3 questions:

1. What is a healthy relationship?
2. Is your partner fulfilling your relationship needs?
3. Are you dating with marriage in mind, or just dating?

Don’t let your voice or opinion go without being heard! Thanks in advance. Also if you are on twitter Tweet Us by using the hashtag: ‪#‎GFTRadio

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Health Awareness



Join us Tonight @10pm as we discuss and educate on auto immune diseases, it’s effects and how to cope with them. We will cover the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and resources to assist with living with/caring for someone with them. Interesting in sharing your story or helping us educate our listeners? Call in at (657) 383-1155.

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Trending On Social Media



Join us this Thursday, January 14th, at 10 PM, on Grown Folk Talk (G.F.T Radio) Radio for yet another fun-filled show. This week’s discussion will be covering all the current trending topics we see in social media (good/bad/indifferent). What topics are you tired of hearing about? Do you have an opinion on any particular one? We want to hear from you guys! I promise not to be an asshole this show!!


Call in and join the conversation at, (657) 383-1155. The phone lines open up at 10:15 PM and will remain open through the end of our After Show, 11:30 PM

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G.F.T Radio Podcast

Check out our latest podcast!! Feel free to go to our Facebook Page and tell us what you think!! Thanks in advance!!

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Catch My Podcast




Tomorrow catch our live show @ 11 pm!! We are still talking about Domestic Violence Awareness. This episode we will be talking about Sexual Abuse and Spiritual Abuse pertaining to Domestic Violence. So be sure to listen and call in to join in the discussion!! So tune in and call to share your thoughts (657) 383-1155.

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