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90s Party

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Over this weekend I attended an “I Miss The 90s Party”. Let just say it was a whole lot of fun, some random moment and way too many blue long islands. All in and all, a much needed night out!!

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On The Dance Floor

This past weekend I went out for drinks and good music with my bestie! We went to a spot where all the cougars and sugar daddies hang. So you know it was great music. The kind of music you heard as a kid growing up when your parents how their parties. Somehow we always found out way out of our rooms dancing.

In my family we all are good dancers… I’m working on my son. He is still young. Anyways, as we bobbed out heads to the good music, I watched this older lady. She seemed to be about late 40s or early 50s, she stayed on the floor all night. It was a few other that were out there like her. But she didn’t need or care to have a dance partner, she was vibing and grooving to the beats. I whispered to my bestie, that is gonna be me when I get older.

I swear I love dancing, good music will have me up and out of my seat. I’m no wall flower, play one good song and I’m on it all night. Even in my clubs days, I would order my drink and wait for that one good song that would bring me out to the dance floor.

Other than it being a great work out, I just can’t hear a good beat and just stand there like a bump on a long. Nope, even listening to music wherever I’m moving my body.

Anyone else out there like that?

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Pillow Fight 2016

Another successful year of pillow fighting!! Brought my daughter and niece. They had fun.

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2 Days Maybe 3

I know that title has to be different but let me explain! So my two year old goes to a daycare that is in a state building. This morning while dropping him off I was told the building was closed due to a extreme gas leak. So I had to head home with my son. Now I love both of my kids but my son is in his terrible twos. That mean I will be fussing all day. “Don’t touch that, don’t eat that, not nice” and the famous potty training fun. Lol for 2 days!!

Don’t judge me if you haven’t had a 2 year old son…they are busy bodies all day and today he didn’t take a nap!

But you gotta love this boy!


Oh and before I forget did mention they are off tomorrow (maybe friday too) because the issue is still being worked on?

Comments welcomed.