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I Love Someone W/ Autism



So after much talk about starting a group or a facebook page to let those who have autism and those family who loves someone with autism express themselves freely in a safe space, free of judgment, I started a group called “I Love Someone With Autism” I encourage those who support what I’m trying to do to join the group, either to gain knowledge, vents, give and get advice, and most importantly support other who are coping and learning more about Autism.

We can trade stories about successful accomplishments and everything. I know sometimes we think no one will understand what we are going through as families, but this will be our way to unite and share.

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Facebook Rant: Camera Roll

textgramSo if you guys aren’t aware of the Facebook updates. Now when you logon via your phone it shows you, your camera roll? And it asked you something about share pictures from it.

I swear it’s a setup!! Now you know in the age of social media and sexting being at an all time high things could go left very quickly.

Now in the last month or so I have seen more d**k pictures on FB then I care to admit. Yes, I looked, screenshot some and shared with friends before that person realized it and took it down. Yes, I’m that kinda of person.

What? I would like it but the way FB is set up, it lets everyone know I liked so and so d**k pic. But in my defense I was minding my business and it was there in my TL(Feed).

They almost always end up apologizing, but hey its out there. You can’t take it back, it happened and sometimes we enjoyed looking at it. But I blame the FB Camera change. Is there a way to turn that off, because I can see how you can accidentally hit that share button.

So until we figure out a way to change this setting, FB should stay out of people’s camera rolls.


Share your thoughts.

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Social Media: Serving Up Your Business



I don’t understand how people can go on Facebook share their whole life and then asked, “Can I have my business back?” or “People are so nosey!” Actually, no one would know what is going on with you unless you decided to share that.

I know Facebook had that question that says, “What’s on your mind?” but it doesn’t mean you have to answer. There is no gun or anything pressing you for anything that is going on with you. LOL

So I decided I will make a list of things I think should not be on Facebook. Because if you decide to share these things you have to understand you have opened yourself up to public opinion.


  1. Relationship with _________. You can share that you’re in a relationship to avoid the constant inbox messages of lurker. But unless you are married you may want to leave the “who” out. If you notice most nosey folks are waiting on that so they can be all up and thru your business.
  2. Drama! Any and all… Facebook fights are hilarious to me. And yes, I will follow it because it’s entertaining and you put it out there so why not read and follow? Try it on twitter that way people can miss it because it’s so much on a twitter timeline.
  3. Child Support/Co-Parenting Problems. That is something that just does not need to be on Facebook. We get it so and so is a deadbeat… but we don’t need to see that on Facebook.


Those are my top three… so if you can think of any of please share in the comments. I know #2 and #3 pretty much are the same but you know! LOL