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Autism: A look into the real life challenges! 04/06

April is Autism Awareness Month! On this episode Sunny will talk about her son being diagnosed with Autism and how her family & friends was changed after. We will also discuss:

  • How people who have never dealt with an autistic children/people and know how to interact with them.
  • Patience is the key to dealing with autistic children/people.
  • How relationships can be effected.
  • Knowing the signs to identify if your child is autistic.
  • Knowing about resources that are out there.
  • Educating friends and family.

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Find Our Missing

In Washington, D.C. 40+ Black or Latina girls went missing. There was little news coverage on this, which caused for a public outcry and social media hashtag #MissingDCGirls. When you follow this hashtag you see the many faces staring back at you, and you wonder what happen?

Recently, the news broke that one of the girls feature in the Critically Missing saw herself, and came forward stating it was a miscommunication. Many people believe these girls ran away and they are truly missing. Join us as we share our thoughts on how our youth end up missing with little to no effort to find them.

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How well do people know you?


Do people really know you? Do the people closest to you know you? Sometimes we can be around people who only know the version of ourselves we allow them to see. Are you allowing people see you as a whole, or versions of you depending on the setting or situation?

Join us as we discuss this and as we highlight a few ladies for Women’s History Month. Don’t be shy, you can also join in by calling us (657) 383-1155. Phone lines open up at 10:15pm (est). You can also live tweet us during the show @gft_radio G.F.T Radio

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X-Rated 08/25 by G-F-T Radio

This episode is all about sex.  Join us @10pm Thursday! Phone lines open up at 10:15pm (657) 383-1155. We are talking fetishes, things that turn you on.

  • Can you have sex void of emotions or do you need a connection?
  • Drunk sex VS sober sex?
  • Foreplay is it necessary?
  • Should oral be mandatory?
  • How much sex is enough?
  • Does size really matter?
  • How many partners is too many?
  • How long should sex last?

All this and more…. Tweets live as we broadcast using #XRated @Gft_radio

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Democratic National Convention 07/28 by G-F-T Radio | Podcasting Podcasts

On the episode we will be discussing all things related to the Democratic National Convention. After you registered to vote? How will you vote? How do you feel about the difference between both parites conventions? Are you still team Bernie? We will discuss the many different speeches given during the convention and share our opinions. Join us and call in (657) 383-1155. Tweet us as well #GFTRadio @gft_radio

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