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One Confession



Okay, so there this older gentleman that works in my building I like him. Like really like him. Like, I get all stupid and probably blush when I see him. I would approach but, I don’t like work things… you know?

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Three things you want to say…

To three different people right now.


Knucklehead: I actually know exactly want I want, but I’m not interested in looking to date anyone at the moment. I really enjoy our conversation, seems like we both have been hurt and are in the healing process. Maybe the timing is off.

Eric: We are really at a loss of words, like why would someone decided to take you from this life? I wish there was someway we can bring you back, because it’s not fair.

Violator: Burning in hell seems way too good for you. I hope if and when things go theway the need to you will have learned a valuable lesson.

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Four turn offs

  1. Materialistic People
  2. Braggers
  3. Stupid People
  4. Push overs
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Five Ways To Win My Heart

  1. Love me unconditionally
  2. Love my kids unconditionally
  3. Feed me
  4. Words and Actions Match
  5. Love Game of Thrones

**Like my cat**