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Autism Walk Central NJ 2019

Always an eye opening experience going to these walks to see that you are not alone. Not everyone understand what goes on or even how to cope with autism. Let alone how it effects the entire family. Next year we doing it up!! My crew and I.

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Watch “Loving Me Some Me” on YouTube

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New Day….Same Time

So yes we have changed the day we do out podcast so join us tonight at 10pm…

🚨 “Love Me Some ME” 🚨

Self Love and personal pleasure, aka Masturbation, is an essential tool to learning your body, and what pleases it. Do you explore your body? Do you find it challenging? Join the conversation as we discuss various ways you can Love and Pleasure yourself!

– Are you relying, too much, on others to bring you pleasure
– What turns you on and how does it affect your solo play
– Masturbation through the 5 Senses, a preview

We know you don’t want to miss this one! Join the conversation by calling 657-383-1155, phone lines open at 10:15pm. You can also tweet us @gft_radio and let your voice be heard!

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Music Mondays: Big Dreams Dirty Game & Killah Cal