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Sometimes we need time to ourselves. Like fr fr, cuz we leave a bad situation and someone shows us something we wanted or was looking for, all while missing all the 🚩 they try to cover our eyes too. Don’t be scared to be by yourself. Don’t be scared to not fill up down times with someone because its comfortable or convenient. Yes, we all have needs but that can be a distraction too. We get so excited over a mf doing shit that they should be doing off basic shit, that we get caught up only to look dumb later or be damaged worst.

Take a beat and just be okay we with being by yourself. I know most won’t get this… yall so caught up with wanting to be loved like you should. You miss the part where you need to take time to love YOU like you should.

I done been thru enough shit. Settling for breadcrumbs will never be enough. I WANT IT ALL, FUCK THAT BARE MINIMUM SHIT!

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I felt

I decided to get help and seek therapy out for real because I felt like my son was living in my depression with me. I can’t have that, so I decided to change the narrative.

I plan on doing better as a mom, so that I can get better for him and my daughter. We do things that we don’t realize that directly effect them and I know I need to change and fix it. Hopefully I did it in time.

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Craving to be touched,

Craving the need to be wanted,

Desired for more than just my 😺,

I want it all,

I crave it all,

Craving to be loved in such a way that I don’t need to beg for it,

So much so that I do need to show I’m worthy of it

Craving it because it what I deserve.

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… thoughts

We are given moments in time where we take notes of our progress and take deep looks within. We can either stay the course or change for the better. I choose for the better. #workingonmeforme💜

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