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Music Mondays: Drowning

This song was one I heard on an episode of LHHLA… didn’t expect to have the reaction I did but that has been my mood more than I care to mention.

Lawd this song had me in tears…

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8 Simple Rules To Dating Me

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Autism Awareness for Halloween

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School Update

So almost didn’t start due to financial aid issues and after working in HR. Payroll specifically I did not want to get any student loans. NOPE!!

So for our jobs cohort we have Business Law 101 and English 101 for 11-12 weeks, ttwice a week. I only have to to take BL 101 because I already have 17 credits for prior course I passed. I like BL… I dont like how my teacher is teaching it. Its clear he wants us to understand but he teaches as if we already know the course. Which we do not. But I wanted to be a lawyer and it seems learning about law is fun for me.

Anyways we have a first test coming up and I believe it is open book.

Just wanted to update you guys!! ✌🏽

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Music Mondays: 24/7 f. Ella Mai