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Music Mondays: Fu*kin With Me

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Stop Pretending

We all are guilty at some point in our lives of getting caught up in the idea of something. I have been caught up in an idea that relationships are working, when clearly they are not.

To quite honest, I have been caught up in mixed signals when words speak more true and as of late actions. Here I am settling down to prepare for a relationship that is never gonna happen. Who am I kidding? I need to stop pretending things are as I want them to be.

Hate to sound pitiful but if I’m being honest, I doubt I’m going to be in any relationship any time soon. Why? Because I feel myself always trying to prove that I’m worthy of being picked, worthy to be that someone to someone. Being told I’m a good woman, just never good enough for anyone I want to date. Or not believe anyone who is interested in me. Mostly because most ppl are interested because they want to be with me intimately only. Maybe that’s the vibe I give off. Idk… maybe I just need time to myself.

But honestly, I have tired that and then someone gets my attention. And of course I’m caught up in the idea yet again only to be let down.

Idk guys felt like venting…

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Happy Holidays!!!

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Music Mondays: Privacy


Let me explain something to yall… Chris Brown and this song right here!! LAWD… ALL I know is if I ever get to meet this man and he flirt with me, I’m smashing him to this song right here. Are you listening to this words to this song?! Chris Brown, stop fucking playing!!! DONT MAN…LAWD…. AND HIS A FELLOW TAUREAN I UNDERSTAND YOU. AND YOU TALL, I CLIMB TREES… LMAO!!!