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On Crying

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Music Monday: Everyday People

Kind of mad, I couldn’t find the actual video without it being blurry.

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21 Questions

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Remembering 9/11

At work we acknowledged the 34 men and women coworkers, who made the selfless contribution to drop everything and to assist with the recovery efforts at Ground Zero.

One of the speakers, spoke about how we all remember where we were when this tragedy happened. How we came together as US Citizen, no matter the religious backgrounds and race. It was a beautiful thing to see.

I remember where I was that day, at home preparing to go to my first class at MCCC. I watched as the news played and the first plane struck the first tower. I stood there in disbelief because somehow it couldn’t be real. Dazed and sadden by seeing people jumping to from windows to get away and sadly losing their lives.

I was proud of the United States as we rally together. I wish our sense of pride and love for our fellow men and women was still strong.

Please take a moment out of your day to thank a first responder, local fire fighters, police officers and fellow Americans who protect and serve our country and come to help when tragedy strikes.

Remember those loss to this senseless act of terrorism.

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One Confession



Okay, so there this older gentleman that works in my building I like him. Like really like him. Like, I get all stupid and probably blush when I see him. I would approach but, I don’t like work things… you know?