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Lebron James,I Promise School- What if the school was Pan African?

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The video(above) is a great podcast.  It’s from the Bitter Medicine Podcast.  It’s a great interview with Onitaset Kumat.  They’re discussing the new school by Lebron James.  There’s a lot of hype about the school.  But I wonder to myself….what if it was African centered?  What if the entire curriculum was about empowering black children.  Do we need our own schools?  Kind of like what Umar Johnson was trying to do.  Listen to the podcast and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  And be sure to subscribe to Bitter Medicine Podcast and Onitaset’s channel,Pro- Black Perspective.



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4 thoughts on “Lebron James,I Promise School- What if the school was Pan African?

  1. Interesting podcasts. They address made some valid points about Lebron’s new school. Lebron is clearly being used as the “face” of the school but it is really not his school. Look, I commend the man (a couple of years ago I couldn’t stand him but now I see he has matured and he has my respect) and at least he is putting his money where his mouth is. While the rest of us are criticizing him for opening such a school with its targeted population of “at-risk” students he is trying to making a difference in his neighborhood. Are their some issues with how this school is run? Most definitely. I saw in the CNN video clip that in a classroom mix of mostly black, brown, and a sprinkling of white children, you saw the two teaching staff who were well, white (or appeared to be so, they could be white Hispanic but again, white nonetheless. I would hope the rest of the teaching staff is of high quality and at least representative of the students they are serving. I try to keep an open mind and know that a good teacher no matter what their color shouldn’t matter but students especially students of color can pick up on this discrepancy from a very early age.
    I wish the brutha well and I am going to reserve commenting further till at least a year or two of the school operating and see if there is any smidgen of change in the students/community occurring.

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