Dark Clouds

Seems like dark cloud are hovering over my life right now. What do you do when you are completely disappointed and drained? I have been the a variety of a emotions in the last couple of months. Honestly, I dont know how I get out of the bed every morning. I smile when inside I’m dying. I feel like the total definition of two faces. But I have to be, I have to push forward and I’m determined to fight this thing.

I really can’t go into details.. but I will be glad once this cloud as moved on and leave my life.

Praying for strength to push through for my family… because all I can try and do is protect them!


2 thoughts on “Dark Clouds

  1. chocolate_matters says:

    Been there and still there (on somedays) …but I will say try this and you might, just might feel a little better. Help someone, either your own little ones or someone else (family/friend/ stranger) you will get a much better perspective on life. I’m not saying it will cure what ails you but it is better then sitting up feeling like you have the world on your shoulders. And it doesn’t have to be anything big just a small gesture and you’d be surprised at how you feel. Take care, sista! -Peace

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