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Music Mondays: When We

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I’m Insecure, You’re Insecure… We’re All Insecure!

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Answer Me This:

If you are on record for admitting to have snuck drugs into someone’s drink to be able to take advantage of them. Also paying off others for the very same thing.

Why are people so shock that Bill Cosby is going his predator ass to jail? You can still watch his shows, he will probably be in the country club jail anyways, with more money on his books than half the dude you know that been lock up and have yet to have their day in court.

Maybe ol’ girl was lying but what about the many others whose statue of limitations ran out so he was able to allude getting charged on those crimes as well.

Let his old predator ass go to jail, he will be fine.

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Music Mondays: I Smile


If y’all knew what I was going through, you would understand that God has given me the strength to smile in spite of.

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We Need To Protect Our Kids