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Day 31: Calendar

Its New Years Eve, and the end of this photo challenge!! Hope you guys have enjoyed it! 😙

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2017 That’s A Wrap

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Day 30: Todays Temp

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Day 29: Sky View

Saw this view of the sky when I was leaving BJs. 

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My Potato’s Update

This year has been such an amazing year for my son’s goals. He has been talking a lot more. Saying and understanding so much more! He plays with toys and makes the appropriate sounds related to the toys he is playing with. 

We are working on him learning to share toys and his space when in comes to him playing with other children. 

He has been doing great with keeping clothes on. Not fighting me as much when it comes to getting out the door or leaving last minute. 

Although, his appetite isn’t where I want it. He does seem to be open to trying some new things. 

Here’s a video of him saying his colors. I missed the first part. 

Also, he favorite thing to do is count everything! He counts to 20!!!