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3 Things I’m Obsessed With


Jonestown: To me this will always fascinate me. People really because this was a mass suicide and I strongly believe it was a mass killing. Jim Jones to me is mass murderer and coward. Also, have be raise an eyebrow when people are extremely religious and its seems like more a cult kind of thing minus a faith king of thing.


Game of Thrones: One of the best shows out! If you haven’t watched this show, idk what you are doing with your life. The writers are amazing. You think you know where things are going and you find out you don’t know shit! BEST SHOW EVER!!!


HGTV: Soon to be homeowners and homeowners should be watching this channel!!


I have way more things that I’m obsessed with┬ábut I will save them for later. If you want think of three things your obsessed with and share them in the comment section!!



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