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Music Mondays: We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

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Watch “Trending Topics” on YouTube

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Work, Work, Work, Work



Well I don’t wanna kill anyone but doing two people’s job and having to take half days for the month as well are killing me. I get to work early and leave early, so I always come back to a pile of work. 3 more weeks of this and it’s back to business.

How are you guys out there?

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Music Mondays: So What f/ Ciara

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Mind Your Business…Just Accept The Cheating

Grown Folk Talk Radio

Should people accept being cheated on? If we find out our mate/spouse has or is currently cheating on us, should we simply mind our business? Are they cheating because they don’t love us, or does the fact that they are cheating have nothing to do with how they feel about us? Would cheating breakup your relationship or marriage?

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