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TMI Moment

bitmoji1574411736It is my blog, and I post what I want. So read at your own risk. LOL


So due to circumstances I have been in a drought. Haven’t seen wang in many moons. For a while it wasn’t getting to me. As of lately, I’ve had several sex dreams about random people I know and I wake up like, “5 more minutes, it was just getting to the good part!”

I understand that I choose this path, but boy oh boy its hard out here for a pimp. Nah, I’m not a pimp I just like singing that song, “whoop that trick, get em”. Anyways, I find myself getting turned on my random things. LOL.

Any songs about sex… boy I swear!!

The one song that sticks out for me, and I swear when I tell y’all I be sanging this song. I BE SANGING THIS SONG…