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Silence Is Golden

bitmoji-921068988We all have had that moment when we wanted to voice our opinion on something, but we decided that sometimes being quiet is better. I think we have to think to ourselves when is the appropriate to keep quiet or speak out.

I was talking to a friend of mines and we were chatting about the upcoming election and just things in general. I told them how I had this debate with someone on why we (black folks) should vote. We got to that topic after I posted this on FB:

“If you choose not to vote, than when you open that whole in your face to complain I will shut you down.”

The person that comment went on to say give them 2 legit reasons to vote. Challenge accepted. Reason 1: Many people died to afford you that right. Reason 2: Because if you are going to complain maybe you should put your vote, where you mouth is?  (I said something along those lines). Anyways that spark a whole different debate once I was told that is relevant now. <—– At that point I should’ve shut the hell up, but the bull in me (#teamtaurus) won’t allow me to do that. Did he just say that really? In the state the U.S is in now that’s what he choose to say?

I wasted more minutes than I care to admit. After this whole debate that essentially went nowhere I felt like I should’ve stop debating a long time ago. When people choose to be ignorant of things you can choose to fight through their ignorance or let it go. I should’ve done just that. Especially when it goes to name calling, lol… yes I’m 33. I know, I know silence is golden. I guess ignorance is bliss.

But I will say this, now is not the time to ignorant to what is going on in this world. We need to wake up and pay attention!