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Suicide Awareness & Prevention

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Sex w/ Sunny: Doing Something v. Doing It Because You Enjoy Doing It


Sorry about the title, the length could not be avoided. I find myself having this conversation more than I expected. So I will put this question out there just to see what your reply would be.

Can you tell the difference from someone doing something to please you or do something because they enjoy doing it? Or do you believe that if they only enjoy it because you enjoy it?

I’m a firm believer that if you do something just because someone (your mate/spouse) likes it, it’s not enjoyable to them as much as it would be if you yourself enjoyed performing the act itself.

You enjoy getting oral. So your mate gives you oral.


Your mate/spouse enjoys giving oral, so they give you oral.


Can you tell the difference? Is there a noticeable difference?


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Music Mondays: Lost One

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Old V-Log

I was checking out my youtube channel and found this gem.

Hope you guys enjoy it!!

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The Accountant


Went to see this movie, and let me just say. Watching the character Christian Wolff played by Ben Affleck story growing up with Autism although his father doesn’t think he needs to be isolated from everyone grows up to be a brilliant account and assassin.

I won’t tell the story but it amazed me of how much I saw my son is young Christian. The movie started off slow, but once it picked up was amazing interesting to me. Plots and all had me thinking one way and being surprised by the end of the movie.

I would say go see it, but you have to pay attention!

Here is a trailer: