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Just Another “Like”

tumblr_inline_nwy7btnrrf1tcrrow_1280I know most of you are probably reading this wondering just what exactly will this post be about. Well the other day I was talking to a friend of mines who used to be a blogger. I really want him to come back to blogging.

He shared that blogging isn’t the same. People come to your post, most read and some just like and continue on. I understood where he was coming from, I written post seeking advice and all I got was “likes”. I’m happy with folks coming over and checking things out but I think we all at some point want feedback. To see if someone else shares with our thoughts, like our poetry and/or understood what we are or were trying to convey.

If you blog, do you want to be just another “like” or would you like feedback?

Do you believe that blogging has changed?

Bloggers we must asked ourselves, when people comment do we reply to their comments? I know on the blogs that I have come across, sometimes you comment and get no response. Or you go to blog and the blogger engages with their audience, that helps bring people back. Have you experienced both, or neither? Drop me a line, I’m curious to know.


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