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So I was talking to my daughter’s father yesterday. A few months back he asked me to take him off the back child support he owes. We talked about it and I told him the only way I would consider that is if he was consistent in her life. He didn’t like that answer and he started the process to lower his back deduction of $50 to $10. We went to court and I didn’t fight him.

In my mind, I was finally getting consistent child support and now he wanted to cut it off? But at any rate it was lowered without fight, because at the end of the day I wanted him to be in her life.

He then said to me that the problem isn’t the money, although doing that would be good for him. He felt like I would always believe that him being in her life was temporary and how can he change that thought of him. He said that he has proven that he is here for her. He doesn’t know what else he can do. I have to give him credit, he has been being consistent the past few months.

He is right, I have little faith in people and as much as I want to believe he will be there for the long haul. I can’t help but think that he will stop being around her.

What do you suggest I do, any advice?