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Most Embarrassing Moment


So I’m at, what I like to call a Thot  Shop, looking for something specific for a party I was attending. As I was walking out trash talking about the store, I was not paying any attention to where I was going. All you heard was, a loud smack, curls everywhere (thankfully, my wig was still on my head) and it seemed like the whole mall got quiet. I walked right into the sign outside the store. I look around and my bestie is looking like she is ready to laugh. While this Indian guy just stopped in his tracks. My bestie starts laughing and I yelled at her because she was walking behind me when it happened. Like why didn’t she warn me. She said it happened too fast, all she heard was the sound and curls everywhere.

I can laugh now, but that was extremely embarrassing, especially since it happened in the mall.

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