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Royally Pissed

bitmoji-309546889Mondays are the best days of the week. Most people despise Mondays with a passion. I don’t mind any day of the week, I think its just knowing I have to go to work that erks me. Work doesn’t bother me, its more so the people I’m dealing with while at work.

Anyways, this fine rainy morning, I wanted to stay in but due to have no time I prepared for my day. Got my kids up and got them dressed and ready. My son didn’t put up much fight with getting dressed and today I decided to wait for his bus to see just when it would show up. Since the 14th the bus has not shown up to pick him up. They decided that once the first driver got the route down in 2 days and was on schedule they would switch drivers. Wonder who’s bright idea was that? So from then on I was late all last week. As a concerned parent I sent emails and made calls. Friday, I got my answer the board of Ed is aware and trying to straighten it out.

Monday, glorious rainy Monday. I tell my coworker lets wait and see when this bus shows up. Either way we knew we would be late. School starts at 8:45am, the bus should be there at 8:21am. It came 8:52 am, I yelled to the guy I was coming around. He looked at me and I made my way around his bus, and then he pulled off. My coworker frantically beeped the horn several times. The bus stops I start walking and then off it goes leaving me and my son in the rain. Pissed isn’t the word to describe how I felt.

I get in to my coworkers truck and they have a shocked face, wonder why the bus left us like that. I immediately call the bus company, and after a bunch of back and forth. The lady told me she would personally see to that the driver get him tomorrow. I asked would he be on time, she replied no he will be late.

So no one cares that I have been late to work everyday since the 14th. Of course not, they have jobs. SMDH, I emailed the school superintendent, the principal at his school and the transportation workers at the Board of Education.  We will see what happens.


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Music Mondays: My Love Is The Shhh

Don’t judge me… I had to bring this one….lmao