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Not only is he counting to 10, but he is learning to count with his fingers. This is from 6 something this morning! Baby steps but I’m ¬†so proud of him.

I will not let Autism define who my son is.


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Dinner w/ any 5 people, who would they be?


President Obama

My first choice would be our Commander and Chief. I would love to sit down at the dinner table and talk about his life.

Oskar Schindler

I would love to had the chance to sit down to dinner with this man. Talk about his life, and what made him decide to put his life on the line to free the Jews. Also, I would love to know what he did after the Jews were free. I know he escaped from being prosecuted but what he did with his life after.

Josephine Baker

Just someone I would love to meet. She seems like someone I would love to have dinner with and discuss things that most people don’t know about her story.

Bob Marley

What can I say, its Bob Marley?! I definitely wanna sit down and have dinner with him. I’d probably flirt with him too. LOL

Langston Hughes

Poet to Poet, I would love to sit down and have dinner with him and discuss poetry. What drew him to it, what is his favorite poem and things like that.


Drop yours in the comment section!

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Favorite childhood memory


I have many childhood memories, but I would have to say middle school was my favorite. Back then life seem to work for me. It was before I got to the age where I felt depressed and was completely lost. Yes, I had some of my bad days, but from going fishing with my step pop when we did get along, to hanging with all my friends as we went through various stages of puberty. LOL. Learning ourselves, really liking boys and just being a kid. I know now a day most kids don’t get that. I’m glad I was able to and therefore that has to be my favorite childhood memory.

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Article of Clothing I’m Deeply Attached To

Hmmmm, I would say the only thing is my twisted up cover. Yes, I suck my thumb and I twist my cover. LOL #DJM


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Agree to Disagree

a92b47086c950cbbb9f1c604e162336dHave you ever had a discussion with a person and realized that no matter how things are going it a waste of energy?

Sometimes when having a debate/conversation with people we have to take your feeling out of the equation. I get that sometimes we can be very passionate about the topic of discussion. But when it becomes a shouting match or things like that, that’s when you have to realize you are taking things personal and to another level. Last night we saw that during the 1st Presidential Debate.

Personally, I don’t like to share my opinions on political issues another I pay attention and follow as best I can. But I avoid it because people seem ready to pounce on you when your say something against their own personal train of thought. Yesterday and today that happened once I shared my thoughts on the debate. Here is a look:

Now the guy that commented, I like him. I was completely caught off guard by his comment. I admit I got a little too much in my feelings, but I hate when people assuming something about whatever it is I post. I would’ve rather he asked me what exactly did I mean, but as you can see I got a whole essay. LOL. I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but I was simply commenting on what I thought¬† of this particular debate. Hillary is no saint, nor do I regard her as one. But Trump’s behavior and comments where on showcase yesterday and I don’t understand how people can say they are voting for him, especially after that.

At any rate, I say if we don’t agree with other we can voice our opinions. But we have to learn to agree to disagree. Myself included.