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Music Monday: Gangsta’s Paradise


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Check out this episode out and drop your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t be shy and just show you know Part 2 is coming soon!! So you can call in and join on that show if you ain’t scared.

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Dinner Date

IMG_20160824_183449Yesterday was a great day to get out of the house. After speech therapy we got home around a little after 3pm. So you know how you get when you get home? Settled and all that jazz. Well my son is much like me, I don’t like having to put clothes back on. So convincing my Potato to do that is a task in of itself. I wanted to take him to his favorite place.

We finally make it out the door and his is enjoying the breeze of the weather. As soon as we get close to Mickey D’s he starts making bee line the direction of it. Like he does often even when I don’t have the money to take him. Hey, times are hard at times.

We walk in and I place the order. He patiently waited for his food. I don’t even know why I buy him a happy meal, he is only concerned about the fries, the toy and his chocolate milk. Also, why do I always have to pay? LOL. I know… but he is a cheap date. I tried to get a picture of him and he was in fry mode as you can see. Once he was done with his, he came to my side to eat mines. LOL.. I lose the battle. He won and he drunk my root beer.

We finished up and strolled him. A few hours later and a lot of moving him back on his pillow. He decided that he had to hold my hand as he slept.

Had to lighten it.


I enjoy mommy and me moments like this. #MotherSonBonding I did this a lot with my mini, now she is too old to hang with me. It was a great date night with my Potato! 🙂