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Sunday Thoughts

Although today is mothers day, I spent it with my son who kept me busy like he normally does. My daughter is with her father and his family but she sent me a text and that made me feel special enough. I cried three separate times, I’d like to say it was because I miss my mother because I do. But I think it had everything to do with me. I don’t really wish to celebrate this day, I mean I usually am the one giving gifts to my mom. But I just felt alone today.

As big as my family is I felt alone. I hold up a front as if I’m in bothered by the actions of other but I know I’m hurting. Support seems to be a thin layer wrapped in idk what. I have outsiders who are more supportive and that is crazy to me.

I’m at the point of emotional detachment. But I know that isn’t a great place to be. How do I fix myself..when I feel like no one cares..