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What’s New?


Quite a bit has been going on with me. Between working, talking my son to his therapies and showing up for court for his father. I have been spread pretty thing. Sure I know I can’t be everywhere all the time, but I find myself managing my time and on the weeks I seem to crash and burn.

I want so badly for his dad to make it home to help me. I know he wished that same thing but we have to get through this and prayerfully he makes it home. At this point that would be a great birthday gift. Everyone is praying but God will do what he thinks it right.

My daughter has been spending more time with her sisters. I think that is great! Sometimes she gives me no warning, she just let’s me know her dad is coming to get her. She graduates this year and she has a dance she will be attending. I need to go dress shopping for both. Lord help me, I will have a high school kid once next semester comes in. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

My son has been doing good with his therapies. We are working on some words with his to get him to not only say them, but when it is appropriate to say them. Also, he used the potty once this week successfully. His teachers and I were so proud of him.

Mothers day, my birthday and my mom’s birthday are coming up and I’m only excited for one. Two are gonna be hard days for me. I miss my mom and my kids miss her as well. Although, my mom pass the day before Thanksgiving, we will be picking out her headstone this week. How fun is that?

I guess I will end it here… that’s what’s new with me.