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My Outlet


This journey God saw fit to put me on, I thought I was taking it in stride but I’m not. When all these things are going on I get all frustrated and flustered and lash out. I’m trying to find my outlet but maybe I need a support group but I really don’t have time for that… Meeting you know. So what should I do? I’d figure I’d blog about it. Maybe my story will help a new mother or mother going down this journey like me. I understanding that her child is special in their very own way.

A friend gave the name of this book and I plan on reading it. Its about senor disorder… Seems like a great book I will let you guys know how it helped me once I’m done reading it.


So as my journey continues I will share more of this chapter in my son life as well as our family. I hope I help someone or someone helps me. Thanks in advance.

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Music Monday: I Can’t Say No

I can picture my mother in the house blasting this and singing along with Natalie. My mom favorite R&B artist.