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It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Today was a hard day… We actually yesterday was too. My son had speech therapy and when the lady asked me did I need in home help to help me deal with his breakdowns that last for almost 45 minutes to an hour. I damn near brokedown. I’m a proud person and I can raise my kids, but when you need help, you need help. This particular situation is unfamiliar to me.

I’m putting on a brave face and I just wanna scream or cry and say not my baby. I know my learning as I go and I know I can’t take things he do personally but I do, I feel like I’m failing. With his dad behind bars he has been trying to help and let me vent but I just don’t feel like I should because he has his own problems right now.

My daughter just sees me struggle and not that I want her to step in always but she is old enough to help me out when I ask her too. I only have two hands and when he is into everything and screaming and upset I just want her to say mom how may I help you.

I asked my friends to pray for me and my family. I know I need to make sure I’m okay to be able to take care of both my kids. I know God is able and I know he doesn’t put more on you than you can bare. So idk what the plan is but I truly put this in his hands.

I know its okay to ask for help