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Today I got some┬ámore information dealing with my son’s diagnoses and I just wanna throw my hands up. It’s a lot to take it and I can see this process is going to have me pulling my hair our or getting grays.

I just need to pray more and I need your prayers. I really don’t know what is in store for my family, I have so much going on outside of this, good things though and I need to get things in order and not overload.

Tonight, I think once I’m home I will take a drink and relax. Maybe a nice bubble bath. I wish my mom was here to talk to me about these things.


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Women’s History Month


This weeks show we will be celebrating Women’s┬áHistory Month!! So tune in as we shout out a few women we would like to highlight in celebration of this month.

Also, be sure to call in and share with us a woman you would like to highlight this month! Dial (657) 383-1155, we would love to hear from you! You can also stream the live podcast by going to G.F.T on BlogTalkRadio. Thanks in advance!!