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Being myself…


Pretty much sums me up! It’s either you love me or you don’t. I’m a very nice person but I’m an asshole at the same time.

So when people call me an asshole or say I have asshole like tendencies I say “thank you for noticing”. 

I’m a shit talker, I always have something smart to say back. I have cuss out on standbys…just in case.

But I’m the most sweetest, helpful person you will ever know. Just don’t get on my bad side… Did I mention I’m a ♉?

I think being a Taurus is self explanatory. But in case you don’t know I have a mean temper so as I mention above to bark up my tree. I’m a loyal friend and a dependable.

How can all this be wrapped up in one person, who knows?! I’m theis way because that’s what God intended! đź’‹

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Free Speech

Something that all Americans are entitled to. But what happens when someone says something stupid?


In the recent month many people have abused their right of free speech…

Donald Trump
Gov. Christie
Stacy Dash
Taye Diggs

Just to name a few. I seriously doubt that any of these folks along with many others actually think before they speak.