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Day 23: A Letter to Someone. Anyone



Dear Mom,


I miss you terribly. I really can’t believe that we buried you. I don’t think we every realized that through all your faults, you were the glue that held us together. If felt funny as Christmas past not going to have dinner at your house and exchanging gifts. We tried it and it didn’t go the way we wanted it. It seemed better when you were here.

I apologize for keeping my kids as way. I know your mental health issues took over, but I still should’ve let them see you. We didn’t know it would be your last days coming so very soon. We thought you’d be here forever. You were supposed to be, and we took that idea for granted. Because tomorrow is never promised.

I know you watch us every day and are with us. When you grandson Zay laughs in a corner by himself, I like to think that he is laughing with you. He blew raspberries at the grave site, it was random but I like to think you were blowing them back to him. I will make sure he remember you. I’m upset that you aren’t here for him to say Grandma, I love you.

I miss us fussing at each other about random nothings. I miss coming to your house to take over you tv and talk about your boobies. LOL. Making your favorite foods seems hard because I liked bringing you a plate or dish. I swear mom we weren’t prepared for this.

Thank you for all you taught us. Thank you for raising us to be strong women and good mothers. You weren’t  perfect but you did your best and we never went without anything we needed. Thank you for all the lessons you let us learn the hard way and the ones you made us learn!

I miss you more than any words I can put together. I love you always.


Love your yellow girl.