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Bi Polar Rambling

All in my head so mixed up and confused,

I want to hide myself,

So that no one could see my flaws,

I admit them openly but sometime how it still bothers me,


Thinking too much,

Then depression follows,

I’m stuck in this state even when I seem to be social,

I have pulled the wool over their eyes,

and I hide…

wondering when everyone will see,

see me,

know me,

accept me,

and love me….

I’m trapped in my mind with no way out,

only 15 min breaks…

how can find my escape?

I write whats in my head,

but sometimes my thoughts come to fast,

so the hide in places…

waiting for me to come off my 15

rambling in this bi polar girls mind…


**Wrote this Nov. 30, 2010.**