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I loss my mother is pass week, the day before Thanksgiving to be exact. It was sudden and I still don’t know how I feel. I feel like I have been walking around on autopilot. The initial news was like a blow to the chest, it hurt and I cried the most I’ve cried this year. And if you know me I’m not big on crying, but this shook me to the core. We had been having problems for a while and we recently started talking things seemed to be good and then this happens.

When people say “I’m sorry for your loss” I’m kind dumbfounded. I know they are talking to me and I know why, but part of me refuses to believe this is real. That my mother is no longer here in the physical sense. I can’t bear to put those 3 letters in front of her name and even when other people do, I’m still in denial.


I came back to work today and present but I’m really not. I’m angry. Like how could this happen to my mom, she was supposed to live forever. I know that seems unrealistic but those were my thoughts. I find comfort knowing that she is at peace, she is no longer suffering physically or mentally.

This weekend she will be laid to rest and I’m dreading the services and whatever comes after this. I need prayer guys.. please pray for me and my family. Thanks in advance.