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Everything Is Annoying Me


So I can’t even walk into work with out people doing stupid things. Like, why don’t you know how to do your fucking job? You’ve only been here how many years? I know when you work in payroll you deal with occasional assholes, stupid people and people who think they know your job better than you so they question everything. But I hate working with folks who don’t know how to do their own jobs. Like why ask me anything when you never write anything down so you can refer to your notes, and let’s forget the fact that you’ve been working in payroll 20+ years before I arrived?

Also, when you have managers who have no clue what the fuck they are doing. Can’t simplify anything, making 10 steps out of 2 for no damn reason. Have no real type of managerial skills, only delegating duties. But talk to the staff as if they don’t know how to do things. How did you get this job again? Oh yeah I forget you can most certainly sound like you know something. LOL

I used to like coming to work but now I dread it.

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100% Perfect

100% Perfect you are not,

And neither am I,

You need to accept your flaws,

Like the rest of us,

You put on an act for others claiming to be spotless,

But all that glitters isn’t gold,

You keep knocking on my closet door looking for my skeletons,

But you can barely keep your close,

100% Perfect you are not,

Acting all high and mighty,

But scared for everyone to see the real you,

I’m me and if you don’t like it I really could care less,

I want you to accept you flaws and make them work for you,

Stop pointing your finger,

Grow up and be a woman,

I want you to be the best you,

No one is perfect,

Not me or you!!


Wrote this a few years back….







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Music Mondays: Gotta Get You Home

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So here is the update on why I had an 11 year old warrant. So the warrant is for an LIBRARY FINE OF $41. The person I spoke to got me fired up, so I said to him “what are y’all bored?” like who takes out a warrant on someone for a library fine? Smdh.. so I will be visiting Willingboro to see this library card. And cuss they ass out while walking out the door!

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If you were forced to eliminate every physical possession from your life with the exception of what could fit into a single backpack, what would you put in it?