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Old Skool Kick

Wrote this April 6, 2012 at 8:21pm


If I had dime for every time I heard “You too pretty to be alone.”

I’d be rich,

Been hearing that shit since high school,

But the ones I liked didn’t think I was cool enough at the time,

So I sat with my pen doing that love math,


yall remember that one where my name + his name + some numbers equaled something that told me we should be together,

but somehow it never worked out that way,

As years went passed and I got some more ass,

They wanted me, But for all the wrong reasons,

Now I’ve grown up and the ones I see are the ones who weren’t seen just like me in high school,

Cuz all those who once were are now has beens,


But I dont just want them becuz they were never seen,

But becuz they saw me thru it all, and they still see the me from back then…

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Music Mondays: How You Gonna Act Like That


This chocolate man… love this song!