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Lollipop lollipop oh I love thee,

From the soft limpy lou to the stiff,

When I see that vein my tongue gets a feeling,

I wanna trace that vein all the way up to the mushroom top,

Flicker it a lil bit and rub my purse at the same time,

Becuz with each suck I get wetter,

In and out,

Sometimes humming along the way,

I know the vibration sends chills also can cause those toes to curl,

The sloppier the better,

But don’t worry cuz once the creamy filling comes out I’ll get u stiff again,

So I can jump on and coat your lollipop with an even sweeter juice!


*Wrote this one last year. I’m write when I’m in my emotions and I feel I need to vent and get it out. Hope you guys enjoy!!*