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I called myself going to sleep after I posted the podcast video to youtube but I guess my body had other plans. My phone battery is low so I doubt I will finish this post so I can publish it.

Why am I up? I don’t know… I tried everything I could think of to put me to sleep and I have failed. So maybe writing this post will somehow help!


This was me on my laptop earlier…

Now I’m watching this movie on Bounce (a black folk channel) with Samuel L. Jackson but I’m way to lazy to find my remote to see what it is. Yet I have my cellphone in hand… Did I mention it’s dying?! 😠

Hope you guys are sleeping… But if I don’t post again until Monday have a great weekend!!


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2016 Presidential Debate The Top Primary Candidates

Grown Folk Talk Radio

Introduction of Democratic Presidential Primaries (4)

  • Hillary Clinton– former Secretary of State; wife of former President, Bill Clinton (finance reform; criminal justice reform; disability rights; college tuition; rural community issues; national security; LGBT equality; gun violence prevention; immigration reform)
  • Bernie Saunders– U.S. Senator, Former Mayor of Burlington, Vermont (income and wealth inequality; free college tuition; getting millionaires out of politics; creating decent paying jobs)
  • Martin O’Malley- Both a former Mayor of Baltimore, MD and Governor of the State of Maryland (free trade agreements for fair competition; financial reform; clean energy; gun reform; expand social security; criminal justice reform; debt free college; immigration reform
  • Lawrence Lessig– Harvard Law School Professor (wants to reduce the influence of money in politicswith producing reforms that will have Congress listen to voters instead of funders; only candidate that is not a politician)

Due to…

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