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Family & Holidays



The holiday time is here, Thanksgiving, Christmas followed by New Years. Most of us spend this time with loved one and friends. But if your like me you dread this time but love it at the same time. Well all understand that we have dysfunctional family members. That one relative that has no filter, the drunk, the drug addict and that one crazy (papers included) family member. So why do we invite them? Because they are family.

The bad thing is when your bring the new boo or friends around you find yourself explaining you family one member at a time. LOL. Don’t act like you don’t do it, we all do. But no matter how much preparation you give them you really just don’t know what will happen this year.

Case in point. Last year I wasn’t feeling good but I was determined to spend Thanksgiving with family. And that is how the fight started. As sick I was, I was willing to exchange fist with my sister over my daughter. No I don’t want to explain the details but I’m glad no one outside of family showed up that day. LOL

This year I’m hosting thanksgiving. I’m tired of cooking a lot of food, only yo travel with all that and 2 kids. I’ve invited family and friends. So pray for me, I’m hoping for a peaceful holiday. Plus side is I feel healthy. LOL

If you know what I’m talking about share your stories.

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Old Skool Kick

Wrote this April 6, 2012 at 8:21pm


If I had dime for every time I heard “You too pretty to be alone.”

I’d be rich,

Been hearing that shit since high school,

But the ones I liked didn’t think I was cool enough at the time,

So I sat with my pen doing that love math,


yall remember that one where my name + his name + some numbers equaled something that told me we should be together,

but somehow it never worked out that way,

As years went passed and I got some more ass,

They wanted me, But for all the wrong reasons,

Now I’ve grown up and the ones I see are the ones who weren’t seen just like me in high school,

Cuz all those who once were are now has beens,


But I dont just want them becuz they were never seen,

But becuz they saw me thru it all, and they still see the me from back then…

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Music Mondays: How You Gonna Act Like That


This chocolate man… love this song!

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Am I Wrong?

After having a conversation with my other half, he expressed that my sexual poetry bothers him. Well not that my writing it is a problem but my sharing it on my blog or fb.. Mainly any social media outlet. Now most write poetry to share it with others and I didn’t see the harm in it plus we are tossing around the idea of a poetry book(s).

But to respect his wishes I said I won’t write anymore sexual poems. He said why would I say that. I said to avoid the situation all together. In my mind I just don’t want this coming back up.. But he knows I have no problem expression myself in that manner. But he feels as though it should be some holding back.

But I write poetry… So am I missing something?!