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In My Thoughts

In my thoughts I think about the things that really bother me,

I think about things I’ve done that I’m not too fond of,

In my thoughts I hide my true feelings,

I think that if I don’t say it out loud then it’s not a fact,

I think if the guy I just met is the one for me,

Or is he gonna play me,

In my thoughts I think angry things,

I think about shit I have done or would like to do,

In my thoughts I try to figure myself out,

I think about why I hold up this wall like I’m tuff when all I want is to be love and experience true love,

In my thoughts I wonder how am I keeping shit moving,

I think am I setting a good example for my mini,

In my thoughts a place where I’m afraid to be at times,

Sometime when I think too hard I get depressed,

But then again sometimes I find answers to many questions,

In my thoughts

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