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Suicide Prevention Walk

Team Laquia

This year as well as last year I took part in the Suicide Prevention Walk with one of my good friends. Now we met through cheer but I swear I wished I met her long before then. Last year she asked me to participate in a walk… So of course I said yes. I never really questioned why we were walking. But I’m glad I did. She shared her story about her younger sister and it touched my heart.

So this year she asked and yes I answered with another yes. In the black community getting help is a hard thing to get people to understand but we need it. So when someone struggles with inner demons and depression its real and they need help.


To see all those pictures of smiling people who felt so alone even when surrounded by loved ones it heart wrenching. I look forward to the walk next year but I asked that you guy help my friend donate to this cause by clicking here

Thank you in advance!!