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I Need To Be..

I need to be his everything because in this current situation I’m almost all he has. I have been there since day one and all I find myself wondering is how I can help but then I’m preoccupied with life happening around me. I get it in this time he needs me more than ever but how can I help short of being suppotive and offering encouraging words.

I need prayer for me to mentally grasp the severity of this situation even though I have tried to avoid it with ever breath in me. He is fighting for his life, his freedom and I find myself wondering how can I help?

Y’all pray for me and pray for us. I know his back story isn’t made up of roses but its of blood sweat and the street life but if God wants it he will be giving a far shot not judged by his past but judge by the present. Help me, help us and pray because I know prayer works!

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The Divide Of Men & Women: Part 2

Grown Folk Talk Radio


Last night’s show was great! I hope you guys listened in and enjoyed it! Here are some key questions we touched base on:

What happens when a man makes it clear that he does not want a child, but has sex unprotected. The girl he gets pregnant and he wants her to have an abortion. Do you feel as though he should be held accountable to his actions, or she the girl be to blame because he had already voiced how he felt?

How much weight do you hold with first impressions? Also, who has it harder making first impressions men or women?

Guys how do you feel about a female picking you up?

Here is the show… and if you want to answer these questions feel free to leave it in the comment section!

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