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2 Days Maybe 3

I know that title has to be different but let me explain! So my two year old goes to a daycare that is in a state building. This morning while dropping him off I was told the building was closed due to a extreme gas leak. So I had to head home with my son. Now I love both of my kids but my son is in his terrible twos. That mean I will be fussing all day. “Don’t touch that, don’t eat that, not nice” and the famous potty training fun. Lol for 2 days!!

Don’t judge me if you haven’t had a 2 year old son…they are busy bodies all day and today he didn’t take a nap!

But you gotta love this boy!


Oh and before I forget did mention they are off tomorrow (maybe friday too) because the issue is still being worked on?

Comments welcomed.